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Pitavastatin (3S,5S)-Isomer Calcium

SZ CAT No SZ-P023020
CAS No 254452-92-1
Mol.F. C25H23FNO4 : 1/2(Ca)
Mol.Wt. 420.5 : 1/2(40.1)
Inv. Status Out of Stock, Under Synthesis
Rel. CAS No 688735-41-3 (Free base)

Chemical Name: (3S,5S,E)-7-(2-Cyclopropyl-4-(4-fluorophenyl)quinolin-3-yl)-3,5-dihydroxyhept-6-enoate

Smiles: O[C@@H](C[C@H](O)CC([O-])=O)/C=C/C1=C(C2=CC=C(F)C=C2)C3=CC=CC=C3N=C1C4CC4

Inchi: InChI=1S/C27H28FNO4/c1-2-33-25(32)16-21(31)15-20(30)13-14-23-26(17-9-11-19(28)12-10-17)22-5-3-4-6-24(22)29-27(23)18-7-8-18/h3-6,9-14,18,20-21,30-31H,2,7-8,15-16H2,1H3/b14-13+/t20-,21+/m0/s1

Development and validation of stability indicating UV spectrophotometric method for the determination of Pitavastatin calcium
By Aglawe, Konica Vijay; Kharat, Umesh Pralhad; Dongaonkar, Chaitali C.; Chavan, Vijayalaxmi A.
From World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2016), 5(7), 1773-1787
Stability indicating HPTLC method for the estimation of pitavastatin calcium in presence of acid induced degradation product
By Damle, Mrinalini C.; Polawar, Anuradha R.
From International Journal of ChemTech Research (2014), 6(5), 2824-2833
Degradation pathway for pitavastatin calcium by validated stability indicating UPLC method
By Gomas, Antony Raj; Ram, Pannala Raghu; Srinivas, Nimmakayala; Sriramulu, Jadi
From American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (2010), 1(2), 83-90