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Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity G Hydrobromide

SZ CAT No SZ-H004053
CAS No 863028-21-1
Mol.F. C9H5Cl2N : HBr
Mol.Wt. 198.1 :
Inv. Status Custom Synthesis
Rel. CAS No 1198-39-6 (HCl salt) ; 86-98-6 (free base)

Chemical Name: 4,7-Dichlrorquinoline Hydrobromide (as per EP & USP)

Identification and characterization of process related impurities in chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine by LC/IT/MS, LC/TOF/MS and NMR
Vaijanath G. Dongrea,∗, Pradeep D. Ghugarea, Pravin Karmusea, Dharmendra Singhb, Atul Jadhav b, Ashok Kumar
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 49 (2009) 873–879
Repository drugs. VIII. Ester and amide congeners of amodiaquine, hydroxychloroquine, oxychloroquine, primaquine, quinacrine, and related substances as potential long-acting antimalarial agents
Edward F. Elslager, Frank H. Tendick, and Leslie M. Werbel
J. Med. Chem. 1969, 12, 4, 600–607
Recent Clinical and Preclinical Studies of Hydroxychloroquine on RNA Viruses and Chronic Diseases: A Systematic Review
Immacolata Faraone ,Fabiana Labanca ,Maria Ponticelli 1,Nunziatina De Tommasi ,andLuigi Milella
Molecules 2020, 25(22), 5318
Analytical methods for the determination of hydroxychloroquine in various matrices
Alankar shrivastava
Int J App Pharm, Vol 12, Issue 4, 2020, 55-61